Sunday, October 26, 2008

So fancy

Wow, I feel like a real chef this morning. And here is why:

Yes, I made this this morning and it was really easy! Is your mouth watering yet? Mine did the second I put this together and I couldn't wait to dig in :D

Let me backtrack a bit. As I mentioned yesterday I watched Ellie Krieger's latest episode of Healthy Appetite and it was chocolate themed. This meant that every entree had some chocolate in it and this chocolate and strawberry stuffed french toast looked like something I had to try for breakfast this morning. I even had all the ingredients on hand. It was fate! :)

This seriously took just a few minutes to make. You can check out the link for the recipe, but you basically take two slices of ww bread, put some ricotta cheese, some sliced strawberries and choc chips inside, dip in a milk and egg mixture and pan fry. I topped it off with some extra strawberries and even sprinkled it with some confectioner's sugar for you guys :) How fancy does that look?! Stuffed french toast is my favorite brunch item ever, and if I see it on the menu I can't help but order it. Now I know I don't have to go out for a greasy breakfast but instead can make it at home. Awesome! I had it with some homemade strawberry sauce on the side. Surprise, surprise, it was Ellie Krieger's recipe too (you can find it here, just scroll down). I made this awhile back.

I had it with a large cup of coffee, with skim milk and a tsp of agave nectar. What a great breakfast! Aerial view:

And a close up:

Before this yumminess I had a pumpkin choc chip cookie (see previous posts for picture + recipe). The choc chips were calling my name and I was weak. It's ok, I woke up late so there will be one less snack today.

Last night, btw, I totally fell off the wagon again. Boo! We went to the Bleacher Bar at Fenway for our first round of drinks. I had a bottle of Magner's hard cider. I love this stuff! This was my first time at the Bleacher Bar and this place was pretty cool. It is right in the park and would be super cool during a game. It was very tastefully decorated too - modern yet appropriate for a Fenway sports bar - lots of Red Sox memorabilia and what not, but not in a tacky way. We'll definitely be back! We then headed to the Cask'n Flagon for the rest of the night. This is where things turned for the worse (healthy choices wise). I had a really early dinner so I was starving by then (it was probably 5 hours since I've last eaten). We ordered a pitcher of Stella (to start things off) and some friends ordered french fries for the table (btw, those french fries were amazing and only $3 -wow!). I wanted food, I wanted drinks (without counting every calorie) so I just gave in. This is where the "sane" part of this blog comes into play. I don't want to feel deprived because that just comes back to haunt me. I just know myself. My husband and I ordered the boneless buffalo wings with their buffaque sauce (buffalo + bbq = buffaque). The "wings" were really like chicken breasts - they were huge! Here is the plate that contained 4 "wings."

I had half of this (no blue cheese, I hate blue cheese). And more beer of course. It was one of those "self-refilling" glasses night :)

And when we got home I had some brownies and pumpkin cookies (2 of each, I think). BAD!!!! Oh well, I am seriously back on track today!

Another thing I decided is that I am no longer going to have the "all bets are off" days. Friday was just too much and I didn't feel well until Saturday afternoon. Putting myself out of commission like that is just not healthy (and honestly not fun) so I'm done with that. Instead I'm going to eat healthy at least 5 days a week and allow myself a few meals (not days!) of splurges. A night like last night when we were hanging out with friends and having fun would qualify as a "worthy occasion."

Ok, I'm done rambling for now. We're off to check out an open house and then I don't know, maybe enjoy the nice weather we have in Boston today. Have a great rest of the weekend. Hopefully it's nice weather wherever you are!


Andrea said...

bfast looks heavenly!!!

HangryPants said...

Wow - you certainly look like a real chef with that breakfast!

Joanna said...

that french toast looks so pretty. i would've been having a photoshoot with it, too. haha.

and i have to get my hands on a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. everyone's been making them except me.