Thursday, October 16, 2008

Change of format?

I know I've only been writing for a bit over a week, but I've been wondering the past few days if this format is a good one. I've been introduced to the blog world earlier this year and food blogs like those of Kath, Tina and Jenna were my biggest inspiration because I could relate to some of the things going on in those girls' lives and their ability to still stay on track with their healthy eating and creating amazingly delicious looking meals. Since then I've expanded my blog list and now follow many other blogs that provide me with ideas about my upcoming meals and workouts. Some of these bloggers write once a day, others write once a week and then others write whenever a good recipe pops up that they want to share with the world.

I originally wanted to write about my days in their entirety as to put everything I eat in perspective. However, after writing a long winded post about my last 2 days, I realize that my babbling may be boring. So here is a question: what's your favorite part about food blogs? Do you care to hear about one's day or do you want to just get to the point and see some pretty food pictures and recipes? How often would you want to see a post? How much detail are you interested in? I'm open for any and all comments! Bring them on :D

On that note, a quick recap of my day, sans the photos. I only took a picture of my breakfast today, which was a yogurt concoction (chobani, 1/2 banana, 1T peanut butter, pb granola, kashi golean) which tasted great, but honestly looked like the last few breakfasts and snacks I've recently posted. So yeah, boring for readers! During lunch, I had to encounter a dilemma: should I eat the delicious pizza that was brought into my meeting or eat my lasagna that I brought from home? I was really trying to be good so I brought in the lasagna before letting myself think about it too much, but then I ended up eating the cookies they had for dessert :( Those made me sick for the rest of the day, so that wasn't good. I was also NOT in the mood to work out (again, cookie stomachache followed by laziness) so I just didn't go. I'm trying to live up to the "sane" part of this blog, and chose not to force myself going to the gym when I really really didn't want to (you have to listen to your body sometimes!) And then dinner was just a collection of all sorts of snacks: an apple, 2 ak-mak crackers, 2 chocolate squares + a serving of TJ's nutty trek mix. I ate those throughout the night while watching the Biggest Loser :)

Sorry for the boring picture-less post. I want to hear some feedback re: preferred blog formats before I bore you to death with my day's eats, every day... unless that's what you want ;-)

Thanks for reading and your comments! Tomorrow is Friday... Yay!


inna said...

i have to say... i def like more pics.... also, if you're prepping something complicated i really love seeing the stages... makes me feel like maybe one day i could possibly do the same. hahaha (like that's gonna happen) i like your backstories too though. the reasoning out part of the 'rambling' is just the little voice i need sometimes to help me make a decision in my own situation. keep it up yo

Elina said...

Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep up with the "rambling" then :)

I plan on doing a bit of baking this weekend. I'll try to take pics during the process to make you feel like you were here :)