Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Save the best for last

I woke up absolutely exhausted this morning! Somehow I still went to bed late last night and this must stop! So yeah, the second I got to work, I made coffee... and enjoyed it with some leftover banana pancakes with a tablespoon of russian condensed milk. Delicious!

My pre-workout snack was 1/2 cup of TJ's european style nonfat yogurt with 1/2 banana and some pb granola. Very yummy stuff, but I wanted more. So I also had a clemantine I grabbed at the spa yesterday :) No picture, sorry. I'm still shy about taking pictures at work when people are around me. If you have a food blog, how do you do it? Was it weird at first? Did you have to explain yourself or just avoided the situtation by not taking pictures?

During lunch I hit the gym... on the agenda today was an abs class + spinning. It's been a few weeks since I've spinned and it was tough! I definitely felt it in my legs. Hopefully that means I burnt a bunch of calories :) I think it's time to buy an HRM to better monitor how hard I work. I felt it was a tough workout but how does it compare to the elliptical, running, etc.?

Here is lunch: a turkey/avocado/tomato sandwich on a homemade bagel. This thing was mes-sy!

The bagel was quite small but I still loaded it up so all the veggies were falling out, and then I tried to eat it open faced but it was still a mess. It think it was delicious but I was too distracted. And yes, there were some baby carrots involved...

And for dessert, I ate this:

Not the wrapper, I ate the actual candy :) Again, I was too shy to take a picture so I just saved the wrapper. These things are pretty good. Well, they are exactly the same as a regular snickers bar but smaller, so they definitely satisfied my craving for some real dessert. I could have another dozen of them though...

And a few hours later, I prepared my second snack of the day: little hummus wraps with some shredded carrots. These are as good as it gets when there is no chocolate or peanut/almond butter.

(1 1/2 TJ's low carb wrap + 2 tablespoons of Sabra hummus + some carrots)

I ate them like so:

Dinner was the best meal of the day! We had some chicken and mushrooms in the fridge that I wanted to use up so I immediately decided to cook something chicken marsala-ish. I went back to a recipe I've tried before that received 3 smiley faces (our measure of goodness). I used this recipe from Cooking Light but substituted the mushrooms for asparagus and steamed some potatoes on the side. I mashed the potatoes and added some skim milk and s&p to them. What a delicious meal! Oh, I only used 1/2 tablespoon of butter for 3 servings of chicken. It was really really good. I stand behind my original 3 smiley face rating!

I have another serving of the chicken left. I think there is a delicious salad with chicken in my near future... um um um.

I'm really going to try to go to bed early tonight. We'll see...


HangryPants said...

Yes, it was weird to take pictures at first. I remember my first restaurant experience! I used my camera phone so no one would notice. Anyway, now if I take a picture at work I do it discreetly so no one really knows. Most of my pictures are of recipe type things, so I'm usually at home.

Caitlin (see bride run) said...

i just take pictures of everything, and if people ask why, i tell them! i just explain its a hobby of mine. :)

Danielle said...

Those homemade bagels sounds amazing! I miss bagels, lol! :)