Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cheesy dinner

The plan for tonight's dinner was a turkey veggie lasagna, but my husband and I are going out to an Italian restaurant tomorrow night, so he said he didn't feel like lasagna. I quickly suggested making burgers with the ground turkey we bought (which was my original plan for the leftover turkey anyways) and we decided on making some inside-out burgers from Eating Well.

I substituted turkey for beef and instead of Gruyere I used some Trader Joe's lite mexican mix, but otherwise I followed the recipe. Not that there was much to follow. It was super easy and cam out awesome! I guess it's hard to tell in that picture, but the burgers are stuffed with cheese instead of being topped with a slice. So good! I ate some baby carrots on the side and some pickled string beans that I made a few weeks ago. Very good dinner!

It's five hours later and only now I'm starting to get a bit hungry. I think I'm going to brush my teeth and go to bed though. I had enough food today.

Tomorrow is my splurge day. Oh man, I really hope I don't completely overdo it, but there are definitely bakeries to be visited and as mentioned previously, we're also going out to dinner + going to a party later.

I'm exhausted! Good night!

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