Monday, October 27, 2008

Back on track

Oh I feel so much better today... and my belly is happy :) Here's the recap of today's eats:

Breakfast was banana themed: 2 leftover whole wheat banana pancakes with a tsp of maple syrup on the side, 1/2 cup of TJ's nonfat European yogurt with 1/2 sliced banana and raisins + a cup of coffee with half and half and 1 1/2 sugar packets. I need to buy some agave nectar for the office. I hate consuming white sugar (that's not part of baked goods) and thankfully I've weaved myself off of Splenda. Sorry, this picture is not appetizing, but it was pretty delicious :)

My stomach was still freaking out a bit (I've decided I ate something bad this weekend and that's why I've been feeling weirdly full) so I had a pretty late snack. It was super simple and made me feel a little better.

The fresh peach paired very nicely with the creamy ricotta. I used 1/4 cup to fill this peach. Good stuff!

Onto my lunch workout. Due to lack of exercise over the weekend, I've decided to make it up over the last 3 days. I will double my workouts for the next 3 days (well, 1 day is down already :D). So here is the schedule:

Monday - lunch - spinning class; after work - Group Power class
Tuesday - 4 mile run + pilates class (not sure if I'm going to split this into 2 workouts or just bang it out in one notch)
Wednesday - lunch - spinning class; after work - weight lifting workout
Thursday - lunch - 8 mile run
Friday - lunch- Journey to the Core class
Saturday - TBD - some kind of cardio
Sunday - rest day

A little while after spinning I put together my delicious lunch: 1 1/4 oz of smoked salmon and a wedge of light laughing cow cheese on Ezekiel english muffin with grape tomatoes and an apple on the side.

Sandwich close up:

The apple was meant to be for dessert but I actually really enjoyed eating it with the sandwich. It was a nice sweet and salty combo!

And a little while later I ate my last pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. They're finally gone! I'm actually happy about that.

Man, my manicure is looking rough already! Seriously I think my nails reject nail polish. I got my nails done just 2 days ago. Anyways, I digress...

As planned, after work I took the Group Power class at my gym. This class is the best! After 60 minutes of good old lifting to the music, I finally felt back to my normal self. Yay!

Dinner came from the Cooking Light September 2008 issue. I knew I'd be home a little later so I looked through the "superfast" section of a random magazine I had lying around. I've made a few things from Cooking Light's superfast section before and they are always (as the title implies) superfast and always delicious. 100% of them have been amazing! Tonight we made the smoky shrimp and parmesan polenta cakes and served it with some steamed asparagus. It literally took less than 10 minutes and was super delicious!

Fresh asparagus:

Polenta cakes topped with spaghetti sauce and parmesan cheese:

And the final product:

Make this! :D

And to finish this wonderful meal off, I made a quicky dessert: about 3/4 serving of Stony Field's vanilla frozen yogurt, 3 sliced strawberries and 1 square of dark chocolate melted. Perfection!

I'm very happy right now and am looking forward to another healthy day tomorrow. Yeah!


Bridget said...

YUM I'm loving all of your food! I need to pick up that issue of cooking light. Also I'm with you on the manicures...hardly ever last long.

iTrain is downloadable workouts for your ipod, you can get them at the iTrain website, my 40min elliptical one was $10, but I don't use it everyday so i haven't gotten sick of it yet. They have all different ones for different types of exercise. I thought it was especially good for the elliptical because I never make myself go as fast as that thing tells me to! wow I just wrote a novel :)

Elina said...

Thanks, Bridget! Those workouts sounds good. I may just have to download some! The elliptical can get pretty boring.. The September issue is not available anymore, but you can check out the link for the recipe I used today and check out the superfast section in the next cooking light magazine... I bet it will be good!

Kristen's Raw said...

love the asparagus pic :)


HangryPants said...

Sorry your stomach has been off. Feel better.

So many good things in this post - peaches and ricotta - sounds so good. Polenta cakes - yummm.