Saturday, October 25, 2008

I <3 ricotta cheese!

Oh man, I am still full from yesterday. I did some serious damage there, heh? Today is going to be much better! I'm actually excited to eat healthy (I usually am, I guess).

Almost every day I wake up starving but because of yesterday's bingeing I had plenty of time this morning to think up a delicious breakfast. Now this wasn't too fancy but it sure was kick-ass! I loooove ricotta cheese and when I remembered I had some in the fridge, my breakfast came together in minutes.

1/2 cup of part skim ricotta, 3 black mission figs and some hazelnuts, all drizzled with a tsp of pure maple syrup. This was pure bliss! Can I eat this again for lunch? JK :D

While eating this I watched Ellie Krieger's latest episode. Let's just say I know what I'm having tomorrow for breakfast :) And guess what, ricotta cheese will make an appearance there too. My husband said he think I want to be Ellie Krieger. Ok, maybe... but a better looking one :)

I don't know what today's plans are. I think there may be some shopping, and of course a good workout! I'll be back later to update you on lunch, dinner and everything in between. Have an awesome Saturday! I love weekends!!!!


inna said...

do you get the full fat ricotta cheese? i was at TJs yesterday (finally) and was on the verge of picking it up... and then looked on the back... do they even make it lower fat?

inna said...

oh yeah.. and we went to Prune for brunch yesterday and the table next to us ordered the ricotta/ fig thing.... i totally thought of you :D

Elina said...

I always get the part skim ricotta... it's a little lower fat than the plain kind but it's super creamy so there is definitely no need for the whole milk version. I've seen the reduced fat kind but I'm a little afraid of it. I've had the fat free version before and it's nasty.

Yeah, this breakfast is totally Prune inspired :D

inna said...

thanks man
gotta look out for that part skim yumminess