Friday, October 10, 2008

Back up! Phew :D

So blogger thought that my blog was a spam blog and it took them a few days to straighten things out. It was so frustrating because I was really excited to start this up and was "a good blogger" and took pictures of absolutely everything I ate, but couldn't post any of it :( It's ok, we're back up! :D

Should I give a recap of the last few days? How about just some pictures of the best stuff? Ok! I feel a bit like a crazy woman talking to myself here, but maybe that will go away with more readers...

So yeah, here are some of Tuesday through Thursday eats:

And now on to today...

It's Friday and I've been so excited for today because not only is it Friday... it's Friday before a long weekend! Double awesome!!! They opened a Panera recently across the street from my apartment, so my husband and I decided to wake up half an hour early today to have a little breakfast date there :) We both got bagels; mine was a whole grain toasted bagel with a reduced fat sun-dried tomato cream cheese. I had a little less than half a serving of the cream cheese + the whole bagel and a large hazelnut coffee with skim milk and 1.5 packets of sugar in the raw. I recently decided to limit my artificial sweetner intake, and it still hurts to "waste" calories on real sugar in my coffee, but I figured this may be a good thing in the long run. I didn't take a picture. I'm sorry. I totally forgot being a new blogger and was too excited to eat + hang out with my husband. Btw, his name is Adam, just in case I decide to refer to him by his name.

So breakfast was at 7am, and at 10 my stomach was growling. I usually eat every 3 hours or so, but this breakast was slightly more caloric than usual and I was hoping to last until at least 10:30. No such luck. I had this cocoa oatmeal bar for a snack.

+ a peach...

And at noon I hit the gym for an abs + total body conditioning classes. I usually don't like TBC class, but today I just did not feel like motivating myself, so a class seemed like a good idea. To my surprise, today's class was actually good. It felt good to be done!

Lunch was some leftover mustard salmon from last night. I topped a piece of salmon with some mustard and broiled in the oven for 7 minutes. Easy and delicious. I added a big salad on the side (lettuce, grape tomatoes, shredded carrots + avocado) which made a pretty nice combo. Oh, I used Annie's lite cucumber dressing for the salad, which I'm not crazy about but don't want to throw away either. Again, today it was a pleasant surprise and paired quite well with the salmon :)

Dessert was a Viactiv calcium chew.

A few hours later I had my last snack before leaving work and doing a little grocery shopping at the local farmer's market. They have the most amazing bakery selling their goods there, so I came to work today with a good weapon: an almond butter/banana wrap. This snack always satisfied my sweet tooth, and today it worked like a charm. I passed by the bakery stand three times today, and didn't even think about buying anything. Yeah! Go ab!

I'm not sure if this picture is really gross or really appetizing, but whatever... it was sooo good!

That's it for now. I'm still not hungry 3 hours later! This never happens!!! We're making turkey burgers for dinner. I'll report on how that goes.

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for reading :)

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inna said...

yeah.. that banana wrap looks delicious.. the almond butter almost looks like caramel ...mmmmm