Sunday, October 19, 2008

Craving satisfied

I finally satisfied my craving for a bagel sandwich with smoked salmon! I've been craving this for weeks (maybe months) but the calories of this hearty breakfast can add up quite fast. Last Sunday I was ready to "indulge" in this calorie-dense goodness when I went to Panera, but apparently they don't have smoked salmon. Sooo, since we know I made bagels yesterday and I did have the foresight to purchase some smoked salmon at Whole Foods on Friday, my craving is finally satisfied :) And because the bagels are much smaller than usual, this breakfast was actually less calories than my usual oatmeal combo. So here it is in its full glory: homemade whole wheat bagel with some whipped cream cheese, slices of tomato and smoked salmon.

Ahh, so good! I separated it into two halves and had it with a large mug of coffee with skim milk + a tsp of agave nectar to sweeten it. You may see this breakfast again this week...

I don't know what the plan for today is. My husband is still sleeping, and I missed the yoga class this morning. This means there is a trip to the gym in my building later in the day and also a trip to my parents house (because they miss me :P). That's it for now. I'll be back with a lunch post.

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Adam said...

I still think that fish has no business being on a bagel!