Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Parish Cafe

Today was another one of those unsuccessful shopping days. We went to a lot of stores (my poor husband) but nothing just jumped out at me. I hate when that happens! Oh well, at least lunch was good :)

Almost 6 hours after breakfast, I finally had a snack: an almonds & apricots KIND bar. These things are awesome!!!!

These bars are just full of nuts. They are all natural and super delicious. They had a little tasting of them at Whole Foods the other day and I picked this flavor. I think I'm a little obsessed now :) Here is a close-up:

Then I had a large banana. No picture of the banana, because we all know what a banana looks like :)

And then after a bit of shopping my husband wanted to go to the Parish Cafe for one of their "famous" sandwiches. At first I wasn't going to get anything, but then one of their salads looked pretty good and seemed healthy enough so I got it so I wouldn't just stare at my husband while he's eating :) I got "The Boss" salad: arugula tossed with carmelized almonds, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, goat cheese and a lemon-arugula dressing. I got my salad without the onions, of course, and ordered the dressing on the side. Here it is:

I had just a little bit of the dressing, but it was really good! I ate every bite of the salad and right after finishing it, realized that they forgot the goat cheese! I bet it would have been good too. Anyways, obviously it was still excellent without it since I practically licked the plate clean and this saved me a few calories :)

A post lunch "snack" was the tropical white tea from Tealuxe. Wow, this was my first tea from Tealuxe and it was the best tea ever! The tea is described as rare Fujian white tea from China infused with pineapple and coconut, and it tasted very complex but yet very soft. Good stuff! :D

After a few more hours of shopping with nothing purchased we got home. Somehow I was starving again. We didn't plan anything for dinner so I wanted something very quick. I grabbed a packet of Annie's white cheddar mac & cheese, added some peas to it and microwaved it for 3 minutes. I then added 1/2 can of albacore tuna and voila, awesome quick delicious dinner.

Then there was dessert (1/2 serving of TJ's chocolate covered edamames) ...

And I was still hungry so I ate an apple, which finally filled me up. I love fiber!

Oh, looking through the camera pics, I just remembered that I also ate one of those brownies I made last weekend. I won't bore you with the picture of it again. It was really good though :) Anyways, I'm finally full (but not too full!) and we're about to go to a bar. I think there is some hard cider in my future. See you tomorrow!


Andrea said...

love those kind bars! they're very crunchy and take a while to eat which is awesome. chocolate is seriously my favorite food but i've never heard of choc-covered edamame!?!? i must try!!

HangryPants said...

I am obsessed with Tealuxe! I've never seen it on another blog, so this is very exciting for me!