Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apple and pumpkin picking

After last night's over-indulgences I woke up this morning on a mission: to undo some of the damage performed during my "off day." I wasn't hungry for awhile and water tasted kind of nasty (I think I was slightly hungover) so I just got online to catch up on a bit of blogging while my husband was still sleeping. I eventually decided to much on a tangerine.

The plan was to go apple and pumpkin picking during the afternoon and then go to my parents' house for a bbq later in the day. I was excited about apple picking because I've never done it before and it seemed such a big part of the New England culture, and because it seemed like a fun and healthy activity. I met up with a friend at Panera for breakfast. I was craving a bagel with some smoked salmon and was shocked to find out they don't have smoked salmon. Sounds like something they should have. I reverted back to my regular Panera breakfast. A whole grain bagel toasted with reduced fat sun-dried tomato cream cheese. Picture the other half cream-cheesed. I had about 1/2 of the single serving cream cheese package.

And I got a medium hazelnut coffee with skim milk and 1.5 packets of sugar in the raw, to-go.

Finally after a loooong drive (I was losing patience!) we got to Smolak Farms in North Andover.

It was soooo cute! I was super excited at that point. It really felt like fall with all the beautiful foliage. It smelled like apple spiced donuts and they had really cute stands with everything apple and pumpkin. So here I am "in action" going for the apples on top of the trees and enjoying my fruits of labor. Hehe, literally! I had 1.5 apples while picking.

I was actually quite proud of how I did on this trip. Everyone (including myself) got pretty hungry after apple picking and decided to buy some cheeseburgers and donuts. I was not going to break my diet two days in a row, so I patiently waited until we were done and I could eat at home. We ended up staying there for a while, listening to a local band while some of the girls went on a hay ride; and then we also went to check out the pumpkin yard.

I didn't get this pumpkin, because I was told that cutting one up for cooking is a huge pain (canned is way easier and tastes great!) and being in a city apartment, there is just no room for a huge pumpkin just for decoration.

Anyways, many long ours later, I finally got home without bad eating and made a little snack: a peanut butter and tomato sandwich (sounds weird, but it's actually really good!) with some baby carrots on the side.

And then my husband and I headed to my parents bbq, which ended up being absolutely nothing remotely close to a bbq, but was sure entertaining. A post about that is coming up...

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