Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Working on my day off

Today was another crazy day... I need my life to slow down asap! I was supposed to have the day off today but then my boss gave us the option to work today instead of the day after Thanksgiving so I had to take her up on her offer. Working the day after Thanksgiving feels like punishment since pretty much everyone else in the country gets the day off. I did it last year... it's no fun!

Anyways, the good news about coming in to work today was that I got to wear jeans (!) and it was quiet so I got a lot of work done :) Onto foods now...


I've been kind of lazy/tired the last few nights and didn't prepare my food ahead of time, so this morning was another grab 'n go game. Today I was really brave... I actually brought a fresh egg to work. I wanted to make an egg and cheese but didn't want the english muffin to get soggy by the time I got to work, so I figured I'd just make it at work. I was gentle with my bag and it arrived there safely. It worked perfectly!!!! Pretty cool!

I microwaved the egg in a mug for about 1.5 minutes, while the english muffin was toasting. I then added a slice of cheese over the egg and zapped it for a few more seconds in the micro... put it all together and here is my beautiful breakfast :) Yum!

A few hours later I had my cup of coffee. Here it is next to my running schedule... it's taped to my desk for reference. Whenever I have a run "scheduled" I do the mileage/time it says on there and cross it off when I'm done. Today I was itching to do a run when I got to work, but unfortunately I never got to it. It's ok, I'll definitely get it in tomorrow :) ! As you can see, I have a 3 mile run next... easy!


I was planning on going to the gym during lunch, so I had a pre-workout snack of pear + Ellie Krieger's energy bar. I was trying to be all artsy with that pear picture but I think I missed it this time :)

Well the workout never happened. My stomach was freaking out so I kept on pushing the workout, then work got busy... you know how it is. Tomorrow... seriously! It's going to be glorious!


For lunch I made another quicky salad. Sorry it's been kind of boring lately... like I said, the last few days it's been hectic in the mornings. Leftover salmon and thai string beans from last night, which was amazing + mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucs + 1 tablespoon of goddess dressing.

Btw, I followed this recipe for the salmon. It was very delicious. I highly recommend it! And the goddess dressing, well we know how obsessed I've been with it lately. It hasn't gotten old yet!

I wanted to be bad all day and I had a few close calls. I actually stood in front of the vending machine with a dollar in my hand at some point, trying to decide between a snickers and a mars bar. I couldn't decided whether I wanted it, or would feel bad about. Just trying to make that decision made my stomach hurt, so I knew there is no way I would eat it guilt-free. So I put my dollar back in my pocket and stepped away from the vending machine (and left the kitchen!).... small victory #1.


1/2 banana + 1/2 packet of Barney Butter. Is it just me or does this look dirty? My husband thinks I'm crazy so I'm posting this picture despite being a little unsure about it... It was delicious though!

Another close call later in the day... I went to get my nails repainted and wanted to grab a sweet from Starbucks. I thought I'd just take a look at the case and see if anything looks "worthy." There was a small line, so I thought this was my sign. I knew this was a bad idea. I was just in one of those moods today. Anyways, I walked past the Starbucks and now I'm happy I did!


I had no plan for dinner tonight except I knew I wanted to use up the rest of the huge eggplant that I bought for the tart I made on Saturday. I was thinking about maybe making something with goat cheese but my husband proposed eggplant parm (he doesn't like goat cheese... or eggplant really so this was the only way he would consider eating it). I looked at a few recipes but they all seemed way to complex and time consuming, so I decided to just wing it.

I cut up the eggplant into rings and roasted them in the oven at 350* for about 10 minutes (I sprayed the pan and the eggplant rings with some EVOO). I then dipped each ring in egg beaters and bread crumbs and put them back in the oven for another 15 minutes or so. Then I topped them with pasta sauce, put them back in the oven for maybe 10 minutes and the last step... topped them with part skim mozzarella and broiled them until the cheese was melty (~3 minutes on high broil). This is the pan:

And my plate with some steamed broccoli:

Midway through dinner I decided I wanted some more carbs, so I toasted an english muffin and made a little sandwich with the last ring. Yum!

And then the munchies hit and I gave in :(

Raspberry brownie I blogged about on Saturday:

Trailmix straight out of the bag:

100 calorie chocolate stick:

Organic hard cider:

And chocolate covered edamames and 2 chocolate chip cookies (not pictured).

I've been in a bit of a funk the last few days as exhibited by my little binges on trailmix, etc. BUT all of your comments made my night and I have a renewed excitement about this blog and my healthy eating. Yay!!!

Also, I've been tagged by Kelly from The Pink Apron!!!!! My first tag ever! I feel like a real blogger now :D Thanks, Kelly!!! I'll think of some fun facts about myself tomorrow! Don't give up on me, ok? I'm still sane, not that healthy today, but tomorrow is a new day :)

Good night!


The Peanut Butter Boy said...

You made the raspberry brownie! How did you like it? Pretty unbeatable right? In all the years we served it, we've never found someone who didn't love it and it always disappears within 10 minutes of being put out.

I've been meaning to try the TJ's chocolate sticks but can't get over the price and quality of the 72% pound plus they sell.

Lara said...

Hi Elina! Wow, we had a similar breakfast today too ;) Crazy. Thanks for checking out my blog, too. Yes, those brussel sprouts are sooo yummy. I also sometimes do Kath's trick and add a tsp of maple syrup to them while they are roasting. SO GOOD!
Happy blogging!

Tina said...

Barney Butter! Love it! :)

Amanda said...

man I need to find this barney butter.. .but the picture is dirty. ;)

inna said...

i thought it looked like caramel... not dirty just delicious and sticky.
o man what a world it would be if we could have caramel + bananas for a healthy snack......*sigh*

Elina said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one, Amanda :P

Inna, I say it IS healthy... Go for it! :D

Anonymous said...

WOW! That eggplant looks FABULOUS!