Saturday, November 22, 2008

Much needed rest

Sorry for being MIA yesterday. After another super exhausting day at work, all I wanted to do is get in my pjs, order some pizza and drink some wine. So that's exactly what we did! :D It was the perfect night to just wind down and relax. I feel 100% better, especially after 8+ hours of sleep! I just love the weekends!!

Here are a few eats from yesterday. Ordering pizza (well, a calzone) last night wasn't the healthiest choice but it was in the "sane" category. I just needed it.

Breakfast: 1/2 banana, nonfat yogurt, pomegranate seeds, 1T pb, some pb puffins and chocolate granola. I was kind of too excited to eat this and mixed it all in before I took a pretty picture. This does not look appetizing but it one of the best yogurt mixtures I've ever made!

Snacks throughout the day included another white chocolate cranberry bar, TJ's 100 calorie dark chocolate bar (not pictured), this little guy:

+ 1/2 banana & Barney butter wrap:

For lunch I got a little sushi box: tuna/avocado maki + 2 tuna sushimi and 2 salmon sushimi. It was from our local supermarket but it was super fresh. It really hit the spot for my sushi craving!

And here are a few pics of my dinner calzone: wild mushrooms + ricotta. I <3 ricotta! I also had some wine -- about 1/2 bottle :)

And let's move on to today, which is going to be another lazy day :D I am in the mood to lounge around the house, do a little blogging and blog reading, hit the gym and just relax. We do have plans to go to a bar for a birthday party so I will get out of the house, but for now, I'm just enjoying our warm apartment and not working :)

Breakfast today was another awesome yogurt parfait. I just threw a bunch of stuff we had and it was super delicious. So many flavors and textures, the only thing that was missing was banana... we're all out!

So yeah, in this beautiful bowl there is about 3/4 c nonfat yogurt, 1/2 juicy pear, some pomegranate seeds, pb puffins, Erin's double chocolate granola and crunchy peanut butter. I didn't measure things out this morning. No counting calories today. I'm not in the mood.

And very soon after that I dug into the pan with the white chocolate cranberry bars. These things are dangerous. I need to give them away immediately before I polish them off! Here is a little piece with some coffee. Yum!

I'll be back later today with a lunch post and probably tomorrow with the recap of dinner and the party. Hope you're all enjoying your Saturday!

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