Sunday, November 2, 2008

New plan

Just got back from Maine and let me tell you I was definitely in "vacation mode" the second I stepped foot in my in-laws' house. They had halloween candy (and we also brought some) and I had a field day with them. I didn't eat very much "real food" but more than made up for it with the candy, hazelnuts and cheese they had. I took a bunch of pics, but they are boring so I'll spare you with them.

Anywayzzzzzzzzz, looking back at the last week I don't like how unhealthy I was and this blog is supposed to be about healthy eating and living. This week has not been representative at all of my life and how I want to live it, so starting tomorrow I am going to do better. I hate being scared of stepping on the scale and I have to do the work in order to prevent that from happening. So tonight I am going to plan my meals for the week so I am more excited about the food I eat. Eating healthy is not hard. This is the point of my blog. I want to show people that eating healthy is fun and delicious, and this week I made it seem like a chore (not just on this blog but in my own mind more times than not). Tonight I am having one last "splurge meal" - pizza. I've been craving real pizza for a really long time. We make pizza sometimes and it's ok. It's even delicious on some occasions, but let's be honest, it's not the same as a nice greasy slice I really want once in awhile. So yeah, in attempt to keep this whole "sane" thing going, I am going to Uno's tonight and ordering my favorite deep dish mushroom pizza. I'm sure it's like a billion calories, but I don't care. I know that tomorrow I will start over for real and I am excited about. I really am. I hope that starting tomorrow on I can not only work towards achieving my weight loss goal but also inspire some of you to cook more delicious healthy foods. Also, I am going to NY to visit my sister Inna in 2 weeks. I know that for me to truly enjoy this trip (and all the foods, i.e. cookies and brownies, we plan to consume) I need to be healthy before hand so I don't feel guilty. I have no problem with indulging in fatty foods I truly crave as long as I balance it out and "deserve it" somewhat.

So, let's get to the "new plan"... to ease back into this a little I am going to set a shorter timeline for now. This means that I am creating a countdown to the NYC trip until which time I plan on being on my best behavior :) So, here are some rules:
- I will count calories every day. This will insure that I don't mindlessly eat - no foods with a mystery # of calories and no candy in unlimited quantities. I will stick to 1200-1650 calories every day. **edited to add** I will allow myself 1 day this week to go over the limit by 100 calories (this is the day when I usually go crazy and eat everything in sight. The 100 calories will allow me slightly more room for an indulgence just this one day)
- No getting on the scale this week. I like to weigh myself every day. It's part of my morning routine and I think is quite healthy. There was actually some research done that concluded that people that weighted themselves every day lost more weight on average than people that only weigh themselves once a week. If I eat healthy and exercise, small daily fluctuations in weight don't upset me. I know it's just water weight or food from the day before still sitting in my stomach. However if I'm being bad or I'm "behaving" and my weight doesn't move in the "right direction" then I think daily weigh-ins help me with re-evaluating the situation. With that said, I think this past week has been very bad, food wise, and seeing that number on the scale will just upset me too much. That's not productive, so I will NOT do this to myself this week and will resume the daily weigh-ins next week when hopefully things re-stabilize.
- I will exercise 6 times/week
- I will drink at least 8 cups of water every day
- I will eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables
- I will post my results on this blog with the countdown to the trip to NYC :)

Wish me luck!

Ok, enough with the rules. Tomorrow I promise to dazzle you with something delicious and healthy. Ok, I can't promise that, but I promise to try :D


Heather said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, ok! Good luck with your goals.

Here is the recipe for the bean burgers:

I used black beans and pinto beans instead and I also added smoked paprika and chili powder instead of the spices in the original recipe.

inna said...

i have to say.... reading your blog has already changed my everyday routine... and you've only been doing it for a few weeks! i actually try to prepare meals a few times a week - and you've seen my kitchen - it's tough work hehe. so thanks :)

Elina said...

Thanks, Heather! I can't wait to try the burgers!

I'm so happy to hear that Inna! I'm proud of you - that kitchen definitely has it's challenges :)