Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted!!!

Streak day 2, 9 days until NYC :D I'm kicking butt and taking names :) This is the healthy lifestyle that makes me happy!

I woke up extra early this morning so I could vote before going to work. The first thing I did was turn on the coffee maker! The coffee went with me to the voting place in my to-go cup :) It took a little under an hour to do the voting (there was a huge line outside before the place even opened!) but I was so happy I did it!!!

By the time I got to work, I was starving! I grabbed breakfast on the go, so it was the same old combo: 2 kashi golean waffles with a Barney Butter packet + 1/2 banana. I couldn't wait to bite into it :D

Justify Full
Yesterday at the gym they were trying to have people sign up for a Boxercise class. It was at 5:30 pm today so I swapped my usual lunch workout for the evening one to try this new class out. This meant lunch first, then 2 snacks later (or three...).

Lunch was a simple turkey, dijon mustard, tomato, avocado sandwich on 2 slices of Arnold double fiber bread... with some baby carrots on the side.

Good stuff!

Instead of working out, I did some serious farmers market shopping during lunch. I bought so much stuff I couldn't carry it home :) I left it in the fridge at work to bring it all back tomorrow, when my husband picks me up in the car.

First snack of the day: the rest of the larabar from yesterday (chocolate hazelnut kind) with some tea.

I decided that you really can't taste the hazelnuts and that it tastes just like the regular chocolate larabar. Still good though, just the name is more exciting than the product. Sorry larabar! I still love you!

Second snack: about 2 tablespoons of Sabra original hummus, 1/2 serving of Back to Nature crispy wheats (just like reduced fat wheat thins, but I think they may be more natural... I loooove these) and a pretty large apple. A pretty good combo!

And then a little before the boxing class I was craving almonds, so I had a 100 calorie pack of raw almonds. These are an excellent grab 'n go snack, because the nuts are already pre-portioned for you. You can of course buy a bag of almonds and pre-portion them yourself, but this is just something that's already been done for you. 100 calories worth of almonds is about 15-20 almonds, depending on the size.

And at 5:30pm I got to the Boxercise class... basically a (contact) boxing class. It was ok. It was quite introductory. Only 2 other people showed up; the guy was trying to actually get a paid class going and this was his introduction course to get people to sign up (I didn't know this until the end of class so he wasn't pushing this or anything). Anyways, because it was pretty basic stuff (I'm not a boxer, but I've taken cardio kickboxing classes before so I know "the moves"). I kind of had to work myself extra hard because it was pretty easy to slack off. I basically jump roped in between all the segments (probably did about 15 minutes of solid jump rope overall) and kicked as much as I could. I know I'll be sore tomorrow (in fact I'm sore already) but I won't be back to this class, and certainly won't pay to go. The guy was really nice though (definitely a boxer!) and told me I had a future in boxing. Haha!

On to dinner... I actually wasn't that hungry. Most of the time after a workout I'm not very hungry for a little while (unless I haven't eaten for hours in which case of course I'm starving but that's not because of the workout) but when I got home my husband really wanted me to cook dinner asap. Good thing I planned another "20 minute meal" from Cooking Light. On the menu for the night was "pork vindaloo"... you can find the recipe here. I of course omitted the onions, but otherwise basically followed the recipe. Garam Masala is such an awesome spice. I love indian food, and garam masala is definitely the spice in indian dishes. Yum!

My serving (about 1/4 less rice than was suggested) + some sauteed spinach with garlic:

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again: those 20 minute meals in Cooking Light (there are 6 of them in every issue) are the best!!!! I've never had a bad one (in fact every one was super delicious!) and they are really easy! When I asked my husband how many smiley faces this recipe earned (that's how we rate them), he said: "Fill the page!" Hehe, yup, he loved it! And so did I!

Onto today's goal accomplishments:
-Calories (1200-1650)- DONE- 1576, including 4 oz of champagne I will have when Obama wins :)
- Exercise - DONE- Boxercise class (about 55 minutes) + walked home (25 minutes)
- Water - DONE - 8 cups and counting...
- F&V (min 5 servings) - DONE - banana, tomato, avocado, baby carrots, 1/2 larabar, apple, spinach, diced tomatoes

Another awesome day! Healthy AND Sane... that's how I like 'em! :D

**edited to add** Go Obama!!!!!

+ I had a handful of pecans:


Andrea said...

yay for voting! i love your little check list at the bottom of the post. i need to work on drinking more water too! and i am definitely having a celebratory drink WHEN obama wins ;)

joanna said...

I guess the name "boxercise" is more fun than the class!! i always try new classes at the gym. tomorrow, they are offering a free Zumba class- that should be interesting.

and i give you a lot of credit for only eating 2 tbsp of sabra! i usually eat the whole container.

inna said...

i had a similar experience at the voting booths.... got there at 6 sharp and there was a huuuge line already... you should have seen the craziness on our block last night at about 1am hahaha crazy new yorkers :P

what kind of turkey is that? it's all speckle-ey looks yum

Elina said...

Andrea, hope your celebratory drink was good! :)

Joanna, I've heard Zumba is pretty fun. They offer it at my gym but the class is pretty late, so I usually go home before that. Let us know how it goes!

Innz... oh yeah, last night was crazy! I felt like the Red Sox won the world series again... except this time it was something that actually mattered. haha

I forget the name of the turkey I use, something additive free (I'll take a pic of the package next time), but I think the speckles are either mustard grains or bread crumbs :)