Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feeling lazy

Whoa, that last post took too long. Finding people that haven't been tagged before was quite the challenge! I'm going to make this post short and sweet because I need to relax. I'll let the pictures speak mostly for themselves. As you can see, I didn't cook today. I just didn't feel like it so I caved and bought things I was craving. I was trying to make some healthy choices although a few sweets snuck their way onto my plate too. I think I gained about 10 pounds this week. *Sign* I'll do better after this weekend. This week is lost on me. I think a pre-Thanksgiving challenge is in order starting next Monday. "Rules" to be revealed later in the week.


This guy was gone waaay too fast. I just love yogurt combos! Today's bowl included TJ's nonfat European style yogurt, 1/2 banana, some double chocolate granola, kashi golean cereal and pomegranate seeds.


I forgot about this until I saw this picture. These were office treats and I was feeling weak. You can find on this very classy paper plate a slice of banana bread and some kind of pie. I don't know what it was. Neither one was very good but I ate it to be polite. I hate that! (and no, they are not from Pizzeria Regina, just the plates were :D)


Leftover tart from Saturday.

This was supposed to be part of my lunch but after eating it I realized I really didn't want salad. I wanted chocolate! So this brought me to my next meal...


I wanted chocolate so I left the office in search for some goodies, but I didn't know what I wanted. I decided that I wanted cookies so instead of buying a bunch of cookies I figured that maybe I was just hungry. I bought a southwestern chicken sandwich from Paradise Bakery - no mayo. This was HUGE but I ate the whole thing. Between the giganto slices of bread (the guy said it was supposed to be whole wheat, but this was definitely white bread... eek!) were grilled chicken, tomato slices, tiny bit of avocado and cheese. It also came with a cookie, which I thought I took a picture of but it's missing... I did eat it though.

The sandwich + cookie combo kept me full for many hours. I also went to a sports yoga class that helped my mood :D


After less than stellar eating I was hoping to keep dinner on the light side. Instead, I hit up UFood Grill and got a chicken parm wrap with some unfries (the "fries" are baked, not fried). This is healthy, kind of. I don't recommend combining it with my previous eats if you're trying to lose weight. Otherwise this dinner was delicious and nutritious (although after taking the first bite I realized it tasted a lot like my dinner from yesterday since I made eggplant parm... sans the fries).

And then I remembered that we have nutella at home (almost gone now!) so I had a TJ's blueberry frozen waffle with a healthy shmear of it + hazelnuts for you know, some healthy fat. Yeah, let's pretend like this day never happened. I won't tell anyone :D

And now I'm seriously stuffed and really am done eating. I can't promise about tomorrow's healthy habits. Seriously, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Good night! :D


sarah said...

breakfast and dessert look SO GOOD!

tomorrow is a new day. just put all the food and feelings that happened today and over the weekend aside and start fresh. For me when I dwell on bad decisions and try to compensate by restricting the next day or overexercising it just sets me up for a really bad cycle that becomes seriously hard to break. this happened to me a few weeks ago and I am FINALLY feeling better. I had to stop thinking about 'guilt' and just seriously starting fresh and HEALTHY one day. Instead of 'dieting' and setting all sorts of rules for myself to get back on track I just dove right back into maintenance mode and will try to make that work for a few weeks. Then, if I need to cut back a little I'll do it, but only once I'm at a healthier place. Especially with the holidays coming up I do NOT want my binge/restrict/overexercise mentality to get the better of me.

Whew, that was long. sorry!

Have a great night relaxing!

inna said...

UfoodGrill all the way yo. i'm still dreaming about that "fried" chicken salad.

Bridget said...

Yum everything looks so good! Making me really hungry right now, thank god its lunch time! I still haven't tried UFood...I need to do that asap!! Ooo and I never remember have nutella at home too!!

Elina said...

Yeah, this was the same chicken, just with cheese and sauce, all wrapped up in a tortilla. Soo good!
Can you believe we're going to be in NYC tomorrow?! I think I started my vacation eating a little early...

Elina said...

Bridget, you should definitely try UFood. They have great stuff! And be careful of that nutella... once you pop, you can't stop :D

Anonymous said...

Your eats look great to me! I need to try some of that TJ's European yogurt!

Lara said...

I love yogurt creations--"messes,"! What a great idea to add pomegranate seeds!

Elina said...

Thanks, Michelle! The European style yogurt tastes really like the plain yogurts I had in Italy... I just love the texture and slight sourness :D

Lara, I can't take the credit for the pomegranate seeds... I've seen it in a few other blogs :) They were a nice addition though!