Monday, November 3, 2008

No cooking today

I feel good, nanananana....

Day 1 of my streak went well! I'm so happy to be back on track!!!! I had to deal with one little challenge at night but overall today went quite smoothly. I wasn't very hungry (probably because I consumed enough calories over the weekend to last me for a week) so that, combined with my newly renewed motivation made staying on track quite easy. Yay!

Let's start with breakfast. I prepared breakfast, snacks and lunch last night, on a full stomach. That always makes it challenging because thinking of food when it's the last thing you want to think about is not easy. I kept it simple. No chocolate or nuts again, because I ate too many of both over the weekend. Here is breakfast:

3/4 of nonfat plain yogurt, 1/2 banana, ~ 1/2 serving of Erin's double chocolate chunk granola and ~ 1/4 serving of kashi golean cereal. I decided that I really like this granola!

A few hours later I had my pre-workout snack: Ellie Krieger's energy bar + a pear and a coffee with half and half + tsp of agave nectar. These bars are really great. I forget if I mentioned this before on this blog, but I made them a while back and keep them individually wrapped in the freezer. They are ready for me when I'm ready for them :D I took one out of the freezer last night when I was preparing meals for today. Good stuff!

At 12:30 pm I met up with a personal trainer for a session I won a few weeks ago. I was really pumped about this PT session last week but today when I saw it on the schedule I almost emailed her about rescheduling. I haven't been to the gym in 3 days so I felt super out of shape. I know it's a little crazy, so yeah, that's why I kept the session. It kicked butt, as expected :D This woman does not hold back!!! It was fun too; once I got there I was totally into it. The only thing is that it was only about 35 minutes or so, which does not make a complete workout in my book (as tough as it was) so I jumped on the elliptical for another 25 minutes. Then I was done!

By the time I was done showering and finally got back to the office I was starving. Good thing my lunch was simple and delicious! I remembered how much I like Annie's goddess dressing last Friday, so I was looking forward to a big salad again. Today's salad was spinach, shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, 1/4 avocado + 1 tablespoon of the dressing. On the side, I had an Oscar Myer's hot dog on a light whole wheat bun with some pickles. I need to look into the ingredients of those dogs. They are only 40 calories and 0.5 grams of fat. The first ingredient is turkey but there are a few others I can't really pronounce. That probably means I shouldn't eat it, but it was in our fridge last night and I needed something else except for the salad. It was yummy though :)

The avocado looked kind of gross (I cut it up last night so it browned) but it still tasted great!

And for "dessert" I had an orange I grabbed on my way out of the door at the gym. I love it when they have a fruit basket at the front desk!

The orange wasn't very sweet, but oh well, it was free :)

And then a few hours later I got a slight stomachache. I wasn't sure if I overate (unlikely) or was hungry so I made some tea and grabbed a snack.

Chocolate and hazelnuts are definitely in my top 5 of favorite foods so I was really excited to try this flavor. I actually found 2 of these in my drawer... I guess I bought one on 2 different occasions without remembering. Funny.

I ate only 1/2 of this guy saving the rest for later (I never ate the other half... it's still sitting in my purse). It was pretty good. The flavor was pretty mild. It didn't taste too chocolaty or hazelnutty. I thought I even tasted a subtle banana flavor but I obviously was making it up because banana is not one of the ingredients (and there are only 5 ingredients). I'm not in love, but I did like it, so I probably would still buy it again. I love how natural larabars are!

All right so on to my dinner challenge. My parents got a new tv which they asked my husband to set up. My mom wanted to make dinner for us (no, she was dying to make dinner for us) because she found this new recipe for something that she was quite proud of and wanted to show off. As you know, I plan on sticking to my calorie budget until I go to NY, so it was a bit of a tough situation. My plan was to come home after grocery shopping after work, make a quick dinner and then have just one bite of her meal. Instead, my husband wanted to drive to my mom's (since we were already in the car) after our grocery trip, so I was quite hungry when she started cooking. I was on a mission though, so I grabbed her recipe and input it into SparkPeople to calculate the calories for it. I estimated each one of these pancake type things to be around 300 calories. My dinners are usually in the high 300's - low 400's (before dessert) but I had a low calorie day so far, so I had 1.5 of these babies. It was hard to say no to more, but I feel good about my decision. I'm not hungry or stuffed so I know I ate the right amount.

This is basically pan fried dough, filled with mashed potatoes and mushrooms. My mom learned this recipe on her recent trip to Russia. It was really really good. Seriously I give myself mad props for stopping at just 1.5 :D

See the filling? Mmm, mashed potatoes with wild mushrooms...

So yeah, needless to say this was my dinner. I didn't end up cooking when we got home. It's ok... there is always tomorrow for a delicious home cooked (by me) meal.

Oh, while we waited for my mom to get to her house (we got to her place before she did) I had 2 of these clusters. Soooo good!

All right, so today was a success. Here are my goals and results:

- Stay within calorie range (1200-1650) - DONE ~ 1505
- Drink min 8 cups of water - DONE - 8 cups
- Work out min 6 times/week - DONE ~ 35 min personal training session + 25 min elliptical + walked home (30 minutes)
- Min 5 servings of fruits and vegetables - DONE - banana, pear, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, 1/2 larabar

So far so good... I'm off to prepare tomorrow's meals and relax :)


HangryPants said...

Pickles on a hot dog - never have I ever!

Oh and the mushroom and potato stuffing - yeah, I definitely read banana and mushroom stuffing! hahaha.

Good luck the rest of the week with your health goals!

Elina said...

Pickles on hot dogs are delicious! :D

Bridget said...

Awesome job on your goals!! I love sparkpeople...I always resort back to it for calorie counting when I'm feeling really off track, its great. Everything is better when there are goals involved :)